szenARCHio is an award winning Architecture practice based in Vienna
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szenARCHio [səˈnɑːrkiəʊ]


szenARCHio is a young international architectural practice based in Vienna, founded as a result of the common desires and approaches of its partners to improve the built environment, where the human being, the environmental context and its Utilisation are great actors of a scene, in which architecture is developed as a frame for its plots.

The distinguished name szenARCHio is an expression of this philosophy and is derived from the wordplay Scenario - and Architecture.
The dynamic architectural concept of szenARCHio is considered as a conceptual designing strategy in which a critical analysis of existing systems is part of the designing process as well as the formulation of a strong and consistent concept.
As the artistic and philosophical contemplation with a Design Task is the fundament, szenARCHio emphasizes a symbiosis of theoretical research and investigation strategies such as physical- and 3D Modelling.


"A scenario is the design of a framework in which all events of a plot take place." (




Bruno, founder of szenARCHio Architecture, studied at the University of Stuttgart and the TU Vienna, where he completed his architectural diploma with distinction. Since its foundation, szenARCHio has won several awards and competitions, and extended its working field from interior design up to Architecture and urban strategies.



"A scenario is the design of a framework in which all events of a plot take place." Our buildings are the physical frames for all conceivable occurrences."