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2012 Olympic Games Information Pavilion

London, UK


The Design for the Information Pavilion of the 2012 Olympic Games refers on the dynamic and ephemeral nature of the Olympics during the competition period. It proposes an iconic wheel pavilion, in front of the National Gallery, which moves on a platform representing the remaining time of the Olympic Games.


The Information Pavilion, offering Information around the host city as well the Olympic Games, is situated in a wheel-shaped building. During 17 days, the period of the Olympics, the building will move on a platform from one point to the other, representing the countdown of the event duration and the life time of the building. It also creates a dynamic atmosphere in Trafalgar Square, which will have a different appearance from day to day.

The particular form of the pavilion and its placement in the higher level of the square aim to be an eye catching element in the square system. It occupies a position where it wants to see and to be seen.
The building's movement is enabled by a chain mounted in the platform of the “time line” and causes the rotation of the pavilion's external ring and the sliding of the inner circle, which contains the room program such as a restaurant, a shop and toilets.


2012 Olympic Games Information Pavilion
London, UK 
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300 m²  
Bruno Mock, Antonio Neves
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