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Asfinag - Highway Department and Depots

Stockerau, Austria


The functional arrangement as well as the improvement of operational procedures are the guiding principles for the design of the highway department, and have the intention to intensify the interaction of the three elements: Administration, Flying roofs and Garages


In the northern part of the building the administration block is positioned on the top floor, which replaces flying roofs in this area.

All garages are featured with skylights to ensure an optimal exposure of the hall areas.
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  • 1 ABM Pictos-09
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The organisation of the building is derived from the operations with their strong link to the building structure and provides a synergistic combination of compact operations as well as view connections.


Asfinag - Highway Department and Depots
Stockerau, Austria  
Transportation / Offices  
4320 m²  
Bruno Mock, Döne Yalçın
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