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Expansion and Renovation of Holzhausen School

Frankfurt am Main, Germany


The Interaction between the existing heritage-protected building and the Exterior are generating a clearly legible extension building of the Holzhausen school


The extension building and the existing L-shaped school complex, enclose a school yard, and structure the undefined open spaces of the all-day school.

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The placement of the extension building intensifies the interaction of the three elements - existing building, extension building and schoolyard - and generates a functional ensemble by connecting the elements.
The orientation inside the school complex is logical as the schoolyard is connected through the ramped roof of the underground gym with the new building. The connection of existing and new building is ensured by a delicate bridge-like element.
Expansion and Renovation of Holzhausen school
Frankfurt am Main, Germany  
Hochbauamt Frankfurt am Main
5700 m²  
Bruno Mock, Werner Krismer, Antonio Neves
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