szenARCHio is an award winning Architecture practice based in Vienna
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Adidas Future Retail



Adidas, the world´s leading producer of high quality sportswear, is looking for new strategies of selling and promoting its brand. Based on the necessity for change, the Broad Concept for the future retail store unifies three elements of retail: the Shop, the Marketing and the Presentation.


The world of retail with its fast growing markets has great potentials by the usage of new technologies that are adapted for presentation and marketing matters. As the consumer is increasingly asking for more than only the quality of products, emotional shopping experiences decide on success or failure of a brand.


In order to position a brand in new markets the shop and its retail need to be adaptable. Bringing the Shop to its clients is the logical consequence as it allows complete flexibility to the consumers.


As a result of this, the concept for the retail space of the future envisages a round-shaped, light-weighted and fully movable construction, that combines all the elements of a conventional shop. Retail, Marketing and Presentation are presented in a complete digital experience.


Adidas Future Retail Store - 3rd. Prize
Concept / Product Presentation / Interior Design  
3rd. Prize
Bruno Mock, Andreea Cotuna
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