szenARCHio is an award winning Architecture practice based in Vienna
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Fire Station

Lustenau, Austria


A dynamic building is composed by the interaction of the three components: vehicle-hall, administrative area and hose tower. Its appearance is amplified by its facade which presents itself three-dimensionally folded.


As the requirements for dimension and direction of exit are of high importance, the design for the new fire station in Lustenau is aligned parallel to the street side in order to ensure a highly functional building layout. In order to optimize mode of operation in the case of emergency, a multifunctional middle zone is integrated in the ground level, connecting the vehicle-hall with its adjacent areas.

The administrative area on the upper floor is providing two patios with a high sojourn quality. The integration of the hose tower into the overall appearance by inclining the roof and melting it with the folded facade on the street side, intensifies the dynamic design of the building.


Fire Station Lustenau
Lustenau, Austria  
Transportation / Offices  
Municipality of Lustenau
3450 m²  
szenARCHio, Ernst Steiner, Woschitz Engineering