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Eisenstadt, Austria


The original and traditional Typology of the Burgenland, called the "Streckhof" consists of a sequence of lined up buildings situated on a long and slim-sliced property, and provides the basis for this design study.


The investigation area is embedded between Eisenstadt and St. Georgen, reacting to the traditional building structure in this area, and interprets it in a new way. Indicating a rural arrangement, the low-rise buildings are offering variable plot sizes.

While the living-streets are kept free of traffic, the various building-rows connect to a semi-public outdoor space, that can be used by the local residents, and operates as an area for neighbourly communication.


Development Study Gartenäcker
Eisenstadt, Austria  
Green pilot GmbH
115.000 m²  
Bruno Mock, Döne Yalçın, Ernst Steiner, Werner Krismer, Antonio Neves, Andrea Kessler
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