szenARCHio is an award winning Architecture practice based in Vienna
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Serlachius Museum - Gösta Extension

Joenniemi, Finland


The design for the “Serlachius Museum - Gösta Extension” aims to achieve a unique and remarkable experience in Joenniemi- Finland, location of the existing Museum. The extension implementation brings to the site new ways of dealing and discovering this extraordinary area by involving exterior views to the exhibition route through the museum, and making the extraordinary landscape environment part of the exhibition.

The sensitive insertion of the extension purposes a long volume towards to the lake direction and partially attached to the western brick wall, which configures the entrance and the new foyer, either for the existing building and extension.
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The positioning of the extension redefines the park area and orientates to the most important views to the lake and to Taavetinsaari Island, creating a strong scenography atmosphere.
The landscape values identified in the site, led the extension proposal to be explored by the visitor in different moments, both in interior or exterior (public) spaces, trough various routes linked by platforms and ramps, offering a close relation between exhibitions route and the natural surroundings.
The inclined roof is accessible from the entrance side, generating a platform which culminates in a podium where the visitor can achieve a panoramic view towards the lake and surrounding landscape. From the roof the sundeck terrace and restaurant can be reached through an exterior access.
The facade design intends to create an intensely dynamic volume, as the materiality consists of perforated aluminium panels creating different effects reacting to the light, transparencies, and to the different observers points of view, while relating to the colourscheme of Joenniemi Manor.
Serlachius Museum - Gösta Extension
Joenniemi, Finland  
Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation
4950 m² 
Bruno Mock, Antonio Neves, Dragomir Portev, Artur Marinha de Campos, Marco Läber
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