szenARCHio is an award winning Architecture practice based in Vienna
  • 1 Ruit Lageplan-04
  • 2 Marktplatz-07
  • 3 Rathaus-08
  • 4 Blick auf Fildern-09
  • 5 Cluster-14
  • 6 Erschliessung-10
  • 7 Nutzungen-11
  • 8 Raumabfolge-12
  • 9 Verknüpfung-13
  • 9b Schnittabfolge-05

Ruit - Green Center

Ruit auf den Fildern, Germany


As the investigation area, with its green center, is in an unstructured condition a sequence of varied atmospheric qualities are generated by the implementation of new constructional measures and the creation new public spaces.

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The existing Site is affected by a heterogeneous small-scaled building structure with a typical german suburb-character. Different styles, building-ages and volumes of the urban layout resulted in an inhomogeneous landscape right in the middle of the town.
The concepts provides artificial constrictions with different amplitudes through a new framing building-boundary as well as the insertion of a new road network, causing a sequence of varied atmospheric qualities of the new public spaces, as the existing urban places are sustained, strengthened and newly designed.
The new road network, connects the various elements of the urban landscape, and reaffirms the guidance between the urban spaces, empowering the appearance of the overall concept.
Ruit - Green Center
Ruit auf den Fildern, Germany  
Urban Design  
City Ostfildern
51.000 m² 
Bruno Mock, Fabian Peitzmeier, Jan Christophers, YEWO Landscapes
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