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Dublin City University (DCU) - Main Entrance

Dublin, Ireland


The Dublin City University, one the youngest University in the country, grew too quickly to incorporate a Main Entrance to the Campus into the Masterplan. The new design aims to be a Meeting Point rather than a simple Entrance.


The result of an intense research is that the lack of the DCU Campus lies not only in the absence of a strong entrance situation, but also in its animation with the students.

The strategic concept specifies several elements of the design:
- The Arrival: In order to provide a sense of arrival, the structure of the project cantilevers on the street side, generating an eye-catching presence that attracts attention of pedestrian as well as motorists.
- The Branding: The generation of an architectural branding is connected to the logo of the DCU. The memorable and identifying DCU logo is extruded and attached to the cantilevering structure.
- The Functions and Program: The values, principles and functions of the university are reflected in the program of the Main Entrance. The entrance transforms into a place to be, rather than a place to pass by.
- The Atmosphere and Appearence: The proposed high-quality atmosphere is strengthened by the chequered appearance of the provided covering roof, which is presented in a yellow-golden colour, symbolising durability and enlightenment.


Dublin City University (DCU) - Main Entrance
Dublin, Ireland 
Dublin City University (DCU)
550 m²  
Bruno Mock, Döne Yalçın
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